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What is Needs Understanding?

Needs Understanding is based on one simple idea: that every single thing that we do, or that anyone else does, is an attempt to meet underlying human needs such as belonging, being seen, purpose or fun. From that idea come the four core skill areas of Needs Understanding:

  • Listening with empathy

  • Understanding ourselves with compassion

  • Speaking to be heard, and

  • Acting with care for everyone's needs

The framework for Needs Understanding

2024.03.05 NU graphic.jpg

Needs Understanding can help you to:​​​

  • listen and speak in ways which consistently create more supportive, understanding, enjoyable connections with clients and colleagues

  • understand what is at the core of difficult situations and know how to develop creative new win-win solutions

  • make requests that others want to say 'yes' to

  • hold meetings that people want to be part of

  • negotiate so that everyone is satisfied

  • set goals and offer effective feedback

  • resolve the core of conflicts so they don't replay over and over again

  • say 'no' in a way which can be more easily heard by the other

  • communicate effectively across divisions without giving up on what's important to you

  • foster a work environment which values emotional intelligence, respect and compassion as well as outstanding success

  • inspire your team with new energy and ideas

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